Is It Just Me or Is It Us

I posted this back in November of 2011.  I am going to post date this article in an attempt to keep it relevant.  My post at that time was about the "Occupy Movements" sweeping America.  It read:

…a new phenomenon has developed within America, it is called "Occupy".  Be it "Occupy Wall Street", "Occupy Atlanta", "Occupy San Francisco", whatever, you get the point.  These are mostly young people who are mad at the 1% of the population they perceive as wealthy.  They are the 99%, or the NOT wealthy.

Among other things they’re upset about having to pay back their college loans.  It just isn’t "fair".

Back in the early 80’s, when my kids were playing little league and t-ball, one year my daughter’s t-ball team didn’t achieve first place thereby winning a much coveted trophy.  Several mothers of children on the team talked about buying trophies for the team so they wouldn’t feel "slighted" or "losers".  My wife stepped up and said NO!  They were losers.  You don’t reward a losing team, you reward the winning team.  No trophies were bought.

As the 90’s rolled around, the thought process of those other mothers eventually won out and losing teams started receiving trophies just as big as the winning teams.  In fact, they even stopped keeping score since that was a reflection of how well one child did over another child.

Today, those children of the 90’s have grown up not keeping score.  They believe they are entitled to the same trophies that achieving children receive.   But they’re wrong.  I was proud of my wife back then and I’m still proud of my children today.  They are both over-achievers.   They are both successful, because they learned you had to accept losing.

The Occupy Wall Street children didn’t learn this lesson. My answer to you occupiers is yes, life isn’t "fair".  The Real World Keeps Score!

To learn more watch this excellent video.